Working with someone from a business perspective is what I really like. Oakoms understands our operations and helps us look at where we want to go in the future. That's a great part of the service and is something that I tell others. They're like our own in-house team, which, for me, is incredible.

- Cathy Snyder, CFO, United Way Toronto

We have a very good relationship with the team at Oakoms. They have the efficiency, the competency, and the required level of technical expertise. They do a great job of satisfying the needs and expectations of our team. I would highly recommend them.


- Carole Yari, CEO, RWAM Insurance Administrators

I come from large organizations that had IT departments down the hallway that we could talk to. The fact that Oakoms IT is not in-house with us is very transparent because they've been so responsive to any issues that we've had. I'm now noticing that we don't have to run down the hall to the IT guys. Everything is acted upon so quickly.


- Wendy Clayson, CFO, Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation

We were having a lot of IT problems prior to working with Oakoms IT. Lots of junk mail and spam were coming through and it was affecting our productivity. We had to go through 100 spam e-mails to find something of worth. We contacted Oakoms, and within a couple of days of us signing the agreement the problem was fixed. There was no more downtime. That was great.


- Marie Adam, Business Development, Marketing, Pioneer Craftsmen

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